I read the article “Offshore development can save money” (by Poonam Khanna) in the Feb. 22 edition of ComputerWorld (page 14). What kind of trash is this? Have we forgotten this is Canada? Sure you can get foreign countries to write your code for a lower price but is it really worth it. Think about it!

Mr. Company decides to send a project offshore to be done. The people working for Mr. Company have employees that have children going to school to become IT professionals. But wait, they graduate and what happens? No jobs in Canada in the computer industry to develop software because Mr. Company has decided to code offshore!

People come from all over the world for a better life in Canada. Yet the Canadian companies that continue to operate offshore for coding are contributing to the slow death of talented IT professionals here in Canada. That money spent for offshore code is not staying in Canada and its keeping one of our greatest resources, Canadians, out of work! Sure you may pay a little more, but what standard of living do you want for Canadians? The one you have now or the one you will end up having in the future if you can’t keep Canadians employed in Canada?

Think about the future and employ the talent that exists in Canada. If you don’t, a day will come when you need good IT professionals and you can’t find them.

Steve Safronuk

Hamilton, Ont.