What are the emerging business and customer issues that will have an effect on your organization’s future? How can you navigate through the confusion and get real value and positive customer impact from your technology investment? How do you make the right choice – at the right time?

Most organizations are facing these questions but are struggling with the hype and recent discouragement of the dot-com debacle. The Conference Board of Canada has designed two workshops that will deliver clear answers to these questions and more. They will help you choose the right path and the right partners for success.

The 2001 Advanced Technology Strategies Workshops: Securing Real Value from Great Ideas will give you an unmatched opportunity to listen to and talk with experts. Hear fresh ideas from industry leaders and proven cases from real practitioners. Better understand and maximize the opportunities that exist through the use of technology-related business strategies – strategies that work and can produce meaningful returns to your bottom line!

Fee: $1,195-$1,695 Members; $1,295-$1,795 Non-Members

URL: https://secure.conferenceboard.ca/conf/Oct2001/2001AdvTech_intro.htm

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