Members of the Organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS) this week announced plans to develop a global Web services framework to define a methodology for a broad-based, multiplatform and vendor-neutral implementation.

The OASIS Framework for Web Services Implementation (FWSI) Technical Committee plans to design a template for Web services deployment to enable systems integrators, software vendors and in-house developers to build e-commerce solutions more quickly, according to OASIS. The committee will define functionality for building Web services applications and service-oriented architectures.

Specifically, the committee will specify a set of functional elements for practical implementation of Web services-based systems.

At first glance, the OASIS project appears similar to the Basic Profile for Web services being set up by the Web Services Interoperability Organization (WS-I). But the technical committee expects to complement WS-I, according to OASIS. Committee member Sun Microsystems Inc. also is a major supporter of the WS-I Basic Profile. The committee plans to leverage applicable work within OASIS and other standards groups.

The OASIS FWSI Technical Committee includes CommerceNet, IDA, Information Technology Standards Committee of Singapore, RosettaNet, SIMTech, Sun, Center for E-Commerce Infrastructure Development (CECID) at the University of Hong Kong, Yellow Dragon, and other OASIS members. Participation remains open to all organizations and individuals. OASIS will host a mail list for public comment, OASIS said.