NT nightmares


For IT professionals, there can be no ignoring the things that go bump in the night. And for those running Windows NT networks, there can be no ignoring the fact that their nights have been haunted by some particularly worrisome bumps.

While some users report having had few or no problems with the often-maligned operating system, many others have nightmare stories that make them want to sleep by the lights of a brightly glowing Unix box. Some users, for example, report the mysterious disappearance of network resources or IP connections. Others relate scary episodes with Service Pack 2 and NT networking.

Microsoft has heard the complaints, no doubt. And with Windows 2000 — which Microsoft CEO Bill Gates calls the company’s most important operating system ever — due to ship by year-end, the motivation for quelling users’ discontent could not be more intense. But before that day arrives and fosters its own tales of NT good or evil, we thought it worth relaying some of the horror stories that have haunted current users.


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