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Many enterprises still on out-of-service XP SP2

A new poll from Fiberlink Communicaions suggests Microsoft no longer patches XP SP2 but many companies are still using the OS version

Users face looming Windows XP SP2 retirement

Half of all corporate PCs running XP could be stuck on soon-to-be-obsolete SP2, according to security firm Qualys. Microsoft will officially retire Windows XP SP2 on July 13

Windows 7 SP1 to end XP downgrade rights

Microsoft's work on SP1 means the "clock is ticking" on demise of rights, according to an IDC analyst. The company acknowledged it's working on a Windows 7 SP1 two months ago, but a timetable has not yet been set for its release

Microsoft to release Vista SP2 beta this week

Even as it prepares for the alpha release of Windows 7, Microsoft is set to ship a second service pack for the outgoing Vista

Patch Tuesday focuses on Microsoft Office fixes

The software maker identifies 12 vulnerabilities within its productivity suite, including one that allowed hackers to create zero-day exploits around Excel. Also: Problems with the "mailto" link

Windows Server 2008 or SP1: Which is it?

Microsoft's decision to ship the OS as a service pack takes research firm Gartner by surprise, considering the implications for future updates. Plus: Three features that might make it worth a look

Microsoft plans autoupdate for Office 2003 users

After customer complaints over blocked access to file formats, the company announces it will be pushing Service Pack 3 within the next 30 days. Consider yourself warned

Hackers feast on Microsoft DNS server vulnerability

Attackers are trying to take advantage of a newly-disclosed vulnerability in several of Microsoft Corp.'s server products that could allow them to run unauthorized code on affected computers, the company has warned

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