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Published: October 31st, 2002

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The Canadian e-Business Initiative (CeBI) in November released findings from its Canadian Net Impact Study, sponsored by the CeBI Benchmarking and Metrics team and conducted in collaboration with Cisco Systems Canada Co., the Schulich School of Business at York University and IDC Canada. The study reveals that Canadian businesses that adopt Internet business solutions can realize financial benefits that include increasing revenues and reducing costs, which can lead to profit increases of as much as 150 per cent. The second report Net Impact Study Canada: Global Competitiveness will explore how Canada compares globally when released early in 2003. Nancy Hughes Anthony, president and CEO of the Canadian Chamber of Commerce, and Pierre Paul Allard, president and CEO of Cisco Systems Canada, in September announced the launch of CeBI. CeBI is a private sector-led partnership that reportedly aims to further Canada’s e-business success by encouraging productivity, leadership and innovation in small and medium sized businesses. The group intends to carry on the efforts of the Canadian E-Business Opportunities Roundtable in which Industry Canada and business leaders first met two years ago under the chairmanship of former Nortel CEO John Roth. Much of CeBI’s work occurs through the product-driven teams. The teams are Benchmarking and Metrics, Branding, Business e-Transformation, e-Business Engagement,

e-Talent Issues, Online Privacy and Security. Details at