New software secures laptops by remote control


Oakley Networks this week rolled out software that lets organizations remotely locate a lost or stolen laptop , determine whether data on the laptop has been compromised, and destroy the data to protect it from exposure.

The vendor’s SureFind software is installed on laptops and can report a missing device’s location once an Internet connection is established. Even if a new operating system has been installed, SureFind can establish contact with the organization.

The software monitors user activity and creates a discovery log that lets security personnel review the laptop’s activities since it disappeared. Based on the information collected, IT administrators can remotely invoke a data deletion process which erases the hard disk, and if desired, disables the laptop completely.

SureFind operates on laptops running the Microsoft Windows XP operating system; it can be deployed for about US$30 per laptop.

Oakley was founded in 2001 and is backed by investments from Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, Fidelity Ventures and Duff, Ackerman and Goodrich Ventures.


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