Articles Related to Microsoft Windows

Microsoft promises Windows updates without system reboot

According to an announcement in Windows Central, Microsoft is testing a new way of installing updates in Windows 11.

How to disable or enable Windows Copilot

Windows Copilot, a new AI assistant that was introduced in the latest Windows 11 update was designed to help with tasks like finding information, scheduling events, and managing files.

Windows 11 struggles to gain traction

According to a leaked internal Microsoft document, the number of active Windows 11 devices has topped 400 million, which is in contrast to the figures achieved by Windows 10 at the same stage of its lifespan.

Microsoft revamps File Explorer in Windows 11

Microsoft is updating File Explorer in Windows 11 with new tools. The changes include a redesigned Home, address bar, and search box.

Threat actor trying to exploit old Windows weakness

What's called the Bring Your Own Vulnerable Driver tactic is still being used to compromise Windows, says report

Worm spreading via infected USB keys, Microsoft warns

Dubbed Rasberry Robin, it uses a malicious .LNK file

Backdoor is being installed in Microsoft’s IIS web server, warn Kaspersky researchers

Dubbed SessionManager, it is believed to have been deployed since early 2021

Don’t ditch PowerShell, say intel agencies. Instead, configure it properly

Start by installing PowerShell 7.2. Then lock it down

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