Novell Inc. this week said its NetWare 6.5 upgrade will ship Aug. 15 through resellers.

The network operating system, which has been in beta for several months, will offer support for many open-source applications and J2EE, as well as Virtual Office, a function for Web browser access to files, e-mail, calendars and printers.

The new version doesn’t fully support Linux, although Novell has announced plans for that capability in its NetWare 7 release at the end of 2004, said spokesperson Kevan Barney. Last month, Novell announced a series of Nterprise Linux Services, a program for providing Novell products on Linux. The Nterprise Linux Services program will run parallel with NetWare 6.5 until NetWare and Nterprise Linux converge with NetWare 7, he said.

Novell has been supporting Linux with its eDirectory (formerly NDS) for more than two years, he said.

The Provo, Utah, company said pricing for NetWare 6.5 starts at US$530 for five users upgrading from a prior NetWare version and US$995 for five users new to NetWare. Full pricing is available at Novell’s Web site.