NetMax Communications will soon launch a device aimed at solving mounting security concerns around mobile Internet access by securing Wi-Fi Internet use, anywhere, anytime, for users.

The DataTurf system uses an encrypted VPN (virtual private network) to secure connections over, say, an unsecured public Wi-Fi hotspot back to a device sitting at the user’s home. That device then routes traffic back out to the Internet over a fixed broadband connection, and also gives users secure, remote access to files on their PCs or storage drives connected to the device.

DataTurf is one of a few such devices aimed at users and small businesses, and may be a lower cost option for small businesses that need to secure more than one PC. In an age of increasing mobility, and connecting to the Internet through a broad range of devices, it’s important for users to try to keep their data, including credit card information or trade secrets, secure.

The device will be available direct from NetMax or from Fry’s Electronics Inc. later in the first quarter for CDN$465, said Frank Berko, chief executive officer of NetMax.

Users could also try online VPNs, which offer nearly identical services, but at a different cost structure., which is run by network security company Citrix Systems, Inc., charges users around $20 per month per PC for online VPN security.


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