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Wi-Fi heavyweights to gather in Toronto at Wi-Fi World Congress

Today, virtually everyone needs wireless connectivity, be it cellular or Wi-Fi; that link to the outside world is crucial for both work and play....

Intel 13th-gen ‘Raptor Lake’ processors to support Wi-Fi sensing

An Intel spokesperson told IT World Canada that Intel’s upcoming 13th-generation "Raptor Lake" platform will support Wi-Fi sensing. “This is the first time we’re going...

Windows 11 will block WEP and TKIP Wi-Fi connections

Windows 11 will soon block Wi-Fi connections to networks running the ancient WEP and TKIP security protocols, according to a Microsoft blog posted on...

Expert says 6 GHz spectrum is ‘the biggest Wi-Fi advancement in 20 years’ for Canada

Canada has released the 6 GHz wireless spectrum for Wi-Fi 6E, devices are set to arrive in late 2021.

Five telecommunication topics to focus on in 2021

As Canada's communication infrastructure continues to be developed, what should you pay attention to in 2021?

Separating the modem and router is the best way to get stable Wi-Fi, experts say

Experts agree that you should hook up an external router to the one that your ISP gave you.

Wi-Fi Alliance officially announces Wi-Fi 6 certification

Wi-Fi Alliance's new certification to guarantee Wi-Fi 6 performance out of the box.

Wi-Fi fingerprinting method could be used to track individuals

A security researcher at RSA demonstrated how Wi-Fi devices can be tracked based on RFID signals.

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