IT World Canada Staff

On Wednesday Microsoft Corp. released the newest version of the SQL Server Accelerator for Business Intelligence (BI).

Accelerator for BI is a rapid application development tool designed to automate the process of building the infrastructure of an analytical application.

The new version – 1.2 – supports SQL Server 2000 Standard and Enterprise editions, as well as Microsoft Office 2003 and includes the capability to generate a solution from an XML file. Other additions include separation of the application generation and deployment processes so that applications can be put into production faster, and support for the drill-through actions in count measures which enhances the reporting capabilities of the generated application, the company said in a statement.

The automation of the above listed features enables partners and customers to spend less time coding and architecting the solution, Microsoft said.

The company also said the updated version offers customized solutions, quickens time to market by automating back-end processes, and is flexible because it allows easy integration with existing solutions and is an extensible framework and ecosystem.

SQL Server Accelerator for Business Intelligence is available for download today at no additional cost to licensed SQL Server 2000 users at Microsoft Canada, in Mississauga, Ont. is on the Web at