IDG World Expo on Thursday confirmed earlier reports on MacUser UK that Macworld Expo Tokyo has been cancelled for 2003. While next year’s expo has been cancelled, the group left open the opportunity for more specialized shows in the future.

“IDG World Expo Japan made a decision to cancel the Macworld Expo/Tokyo 2003 because of not receiving applications from major exhibitors by the time of deadline,” an IDG spokesperson said in a statement to MacCentral tonight. “However, IDG World Expo Japan is planning future specialized conferences focused on specific topics, issues and categories for Mac users in 2003.”

The IDG spokesperson declined to comment on which companies and major exhibitors they had not received applications from or what will happen to the show in 2004.

The Tokyo show, which in previous years saw attendance of over 180,000 attendees, was used by Apple Computer Inc. to introduce several products including Bluetooth, the 23-inch Cinema HD flat panel display, updated iMacs and other products throughout the years they attended the show.

An Apple representative was unavailable for comment.