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Apple releases Mac OS X 10.5.6

Update fixes 40 issues related to the OS, improves Safari compatibility with Web proxy servers and enhances reliability of Time Machine

New Apple MacBook Pro includes revamped trackpad

Dual graphic chips, five-hour battery life are key enhancements to new high-end notebook

President, Tap Tap Tap

Apple has said it would not approve iPhone applications that fall into the

iPhoneDevCamp plans a comeback

Not only will the iPhone be an established product this time around, the method for producing applications for the phone has changed. Apple has released a software development kit for building native iPhone apps

Apple vice president of worldwide product marketing

While many thought the iBook would be the first Mac to have an Intel chip, the distinction instead went to the iMac and an entirely new laptop dubbed the MacBook Pro. Both machines run on Intel Duo Core processors.

IPod class action lawsuit goes international

Lawyers representing users of a class action lawsuit filed in the United States that purchased iPod nanos have now filed suits on behalf of users in the United Kingdom and Mexico.

Macromedia unveils Studio 8

San Francisco-based Macromedia Inc. on Monday will announce Studio 8, the newest version of the company's suite of applications for content authoring. Studio 8 sheds FreeHand, but adds two other applications giving the suite a better mix for its target customer, according to the company. Studio 8 now includes Dreamweaver 8; Flash Professional 8 (including a new Flash 8 Video Encoder); Fireworks 8; Contribute 3; and FlashPaper 2.

802.11g standard approved

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc. (IEEE), the group responsible for setting standards in the networking industry, on Thursday approved the final specification for 802.11g, known to Mac users as AirPort Extreme. Despite recent controversy that the final spec would see a major speed reduction, very little has changed from January when Apple Computer Inc. released its first 802.11g product.

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