Mac OS X Beta

Published: October 31st, 2000

Apple Computer Inc., has the released Mac OS X Public Beta, a preview version of Apple’s next generation operating system.The beta version features true memory protection, pre-emptive multi-tasking, and symmetric multiprocessing when running on the new dual-processor Power Mac G4 line. It includes Apple’s new Quartz 2D graphics engine (based on the Internet-standard portable document format) for high-resolution graphics and broad font support; OpenGL for 3D graphics and gaming, and QuickTime for streaming audio and video. The operating system features Apple’s new user interface named Aqua, which combines greater ease-of-use with functionality such as the Dock for organizing applications, documents and miniaturized windows. It also includes many applications, including Apple’s new Mail client and new versions of the QuickTime player and Sherlock Internet searching tool, as well as a beta version of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. Pricing for the Mac OS X Public Beta ( is US$29.95. Apple Computer in Markham, Ont., can be reached at (905) 513-5800.

Prices listed are in US currency.

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