Santa Clara, Calif.-based Entrust Technologies Inc. and Redwood City, Calif.-based Tumbleweed Communications Corp. announced last month they would be collaborating to launch a desktop-to-desktop secure e-mail and scanning solution. The offering is comprised of separate components, which must be purchased separately from each company. The two offerings will interoperate with each other, according to an Entrust spokesperson. The Entrust component, Entrust/Express 6.0, is the company’s secure e-mail solution. Tumbleweed, a provider of messaging solutions, included its Messaging Management System (MMS), a set of server-based e-mail management products as its component of the solution. Entrust/Express 6.0 will be available this summer and is priced at U.S.$44 per user, based on a volume of 10,00 users. The company is on the Web at Tumbleweed would not give out pricing information. To find out more, contact the company directly at (650) 216-2000.

Metamail Inc.

, based in Toronto, last month announced it was releasing new versions of its Metamail Reader for Lotus Notes and Novell GroupWise users. According to the company, the new Readers will enable users to experience Metamail’s XML-based technology. Advanced features in the new GroupWise and Notes extensions include options for direct reply and forward. According to the company, Metamail’s format enables call centre operators, systems integrators, customer relationship management (CRM) vendors as well as e-marketers to deliver dynamic e-mails complete with things such as graphics, logos, photos and signatures. The Meatamail Reader is available from the company’s Web site as a free, one-time download. For more information, see