Edwin Frondozo just launched his podcast last month and he’s already interviewed the founder of a hot AI-based startup, a top leadership speaker, someone who built entrepreneurship infrastructure in two different countries, and Saul Colt.

We think that’s pretty great and we’re pleased to announce that IT World Canada be a media partner with The Business Leadership podcast. As Edwin publishes a new episode each week, we’ll be bringing them to you on our website, in our newsletters and in our social networks. You’ll be able to play the podcast episodes right from our website by clicking on the Soundcloud widget, and of course you’ll be able to subscribe to the podcast on your app of choice.

Our partnership started today with the fourth episode of The Business Leadership podcast, which features Paul Teshima, co-founder and CEO of Nudge.ai. Nudge is an online platform that uses artificial intelligence to help sales professionals organize and learn about their target customers. Teshima reflects back on his time at Eloqua, his first startup, and how that informed his approach with Nudge. He also has tips on how to get organized every day and ready for the unexpected to arise.

Past episodes of the podcast include:

Edwin says that his podcast is a personal journey to learn from great business leaders and look for ways to apply those lessons in his own work. We hope that by listening along every week, you can do the same.