Published: January 24th, 2002

In the article “Is anyone else listening?” (Nov. 30, 2001, page 22) Albert Leonardo suggests: “So, much in the same way that jazz legend Miles Davis’s album The Birth of the Cool reshaped the jazz scene in the 1960s, Marconi’s findings revolutionized the wireless world.”

I can see how Marconi’s move from telegraphy to radio could be considered a metaphor for today’s move from wired Ethernet to 802.11x, but I’m a little confused about how jazz innovator Miles Davis fits in. And while Miles’s bands and albums shook up the jazz scene several times in the 1960s, his classic Birth of the Cool sessions were recorded in 1949 and 1950. It too revolutionized jazz – but way before the 1960s.

Analogies can be enlightening. But please make sure they are relevant – and please get the facts right!

Alan Zisman


No substitute for experience

Very interesting article by Scott Gardner (“Seniors, immigrants could fix dwindling IT workforce”, Sept. 21, 2001, pg. 15). Now all you have to do is convince the companies !