In response to Mr. Chris Barry’s rant (Letters, Dec. 14, 2001,”Freedom in the eye of beholder”, pg. 15) against Poonam Khanna’s editorial (“Privacy could become another victim”, Oct. 5, 2001, pg. 10), I really think that he should take some remedial history or political science classes. All the people of Germany in the 1930’s really wanted was safe neighbourhoods and streets. The U.S.S.R. had a constitution protecting people from the police and government. I am sure the many “interns” at “workcamps” around the world are very comfortable with the “security” they have been provided for their “protection”.

I am also sure that many of the First Nations people can tell you how trustworthy our government is. Technology allows government to put our lives under a microscope. We are lucky enough at this moment that our leaders are merely obnoxious rather than evil. It often takes a seemingly minor event to change that for the worse.

Ken Hawkins

Terrace, B.C.