With regards to your Oct. 19, 2001 editorial (“Confessions of a techno-slave”, pg. 10), I know of what you write.

May 26 to June 16 we were in Europe. I wanted to keep the gang at work informed of our travels: England, France, Switzerland, Italy, Poland, Liechtenstein and Austria.

In England at Westminster Tube Station there was a no-charge internet kiosk for e-mail. Also in Bern Switzerland, a stainless steel Siemens keyboard at an awkward angle so that you wouldn’t stay too long.

In Paris, around the corner from our Rougemont Hotel I found a 7-francs-an-hour establishment. But the keyboard was not the QWERTY that I and you use in North America. I told the reader that the keys are different and let them figure out what I was typing.

In Poland though, I found another tea-house with internet service for 5 Zloty an hour, with a keyboard just like you and I use. They probably get them from Toronto.

Walt Bassa

Sarnia, Ont.