Citrix Systems Inc. bulked up the latest version of its access infrastructure software suite of products with more than 100 new features.

News of Citrix Access Suite 4.0 highlighted a strategy session day in New York City, attended by approximately 100 market analysts and press. Citrix announced the latest iteration of products, positioned by CEO Mark Templeton as “the most important and largest scale product launch in the history of the company.”

The feature additions and enhancements to the three core Access Suite products is geared towards creating tighter integration between four core software products that include Presentation Server, Access Gateway and Password Manager, Templeton said.

The new version introduces what the company calls SmartAccess, new code that in effect scans a client device trying to access Citrix-based applications. The code can, for example, distinguish between a user logging in on the headquarters net, or logging in from an Internet caf