Workplace change represents the biggest leadership challenge for Canadian businesses, according to a recent study of human resource professionals. The Aon Human Resource Trends Survey in Canada looked at the abilities of Canadian business leaders to lead, and found that one-third of survey respondents identified the ability to manage change as leaders’ weakest skill.

The survey of HR professionals across Canada, conducted by Toronto-based Aon Consulting, found that while 90 percent of companies are willing to adjust to remain competitive, only half rated their company’s ability to manage change as ‘fair’.

The study also found that management and structural changes in organizations are not only affecting leaders, but workers as well.

Judy Hauserman, senior vice-president with Aon Consulting, said the extent of workplace evolution is so dramatic that workers simply cannot keep up to job demands:

Over 40 percent of respondents indicated that workforce skill levels don’t match job requirements.

Employees appear to be lacking skills such as problem solving, communications and innovation expertise.

Hiring more suitable employees is unfortunately not the answer – the same shortcomings hold true for job applicants as well.

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