JavaOne conference may get a rival


Even before the first Oracle-driven JavaOne conference has seen the light of day, an alternative Java conference is being planned for those not thrilled with Oracle.

Media company Software & Support Media (S&S) plans to offer a U.S.-based version of its JAX (Java Apache XML) conference, which the company has been conducting in Germany for several years.

“A lot of the Java community has been a little upset about how the JavaOne conference is being [run] by Oracle,” said a source familiar with S&S plans.

The JAX conference is planned for next spring in the San Francisco Bay Area.

JavaOne had been an independent conference held in the early-June timeframe in San Francisco when it was under the jurisdiction of Sun Microsystems. This year, it will be held next month in conjunction with the Oracle OpenWorld and Oracle Develop conferences. All three events will be held in San Francisco. Oracle acquired Sun earlier this year.

S&S is planning a mobile technology conference next year as well.


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