IT workers are girding for difficult times for the foreseeable future.

A recent survey by ManageEngine found that 82 per cent of IT departments believe their work will get harder, not easier, over the next three years, attributing the difficulties to three main causes:

    • Nearly two-thirds of respondents think that the current local and global political climate is adversely affecting IT recruitment.
    • Only 24 per cent think that existing ITSM best practices have kept up with the changing IT and business landscapes.
    • 77 per cent think that there is still more to be done to meet the expectations of millennial employees.

The corporate mandate for IT departments to “do more with less” has been prevalent for at least a decade, noted The ITSM Future Readiness Survey 2017. Adding to the challenge are IT skills shortages, increasing technology and business complexity and security issues.

The some of the key question in the ManageEngine survey included:

Do you think working in corporate IT will get harder over the next three years?

A total of 82 per cent of respondents believing that working in IT will get harder over the next three years. Only 15 per cent of survey respondents didn’t think that their life would get harder.

Do you feel your personal efforts, and your value to the business, are sufficiently recognized by management?

Half of respondents think they do get recognized for the efforts, but not enough, while one in four think they don’t get recognized for their work. Although the survey found that a quarter of respondents felt their efforts and value are sufficiently recognized by management, that leaves a total of 75 per cent respondents who feel undervalued.

Do you think the current local, and global, political climate is adversely affecting IT recruitment?

Nearly two-thirds of respondents thought the current local and global political climate is adversely affecting IT recruitment, although it is more likely to be limited to certain geographies than a globally-impacting issue, but it’s definitely an area in which corporate IT organizations need to plan for a change to the status quo.