1999 – It was reported that Intel’s Pentium III had made its debut, Toronto-based Hummingbird announced it was buying another Toronto-based company, PC-DOCS.

1998 – For the first time ever, HR concerns – namely, a lack of skilled staff – were the top priority among Canada’s CIOs, a survey revealed; HP, Oracle and Cisco together pledged to cut systems downtime to only five minutes per year by 2000.

1996 – Silicon Graphics (SGI) bought supercompuer maker Cray for US$746 million; Oracle unveiled the first “universal server” that combined a relational database with Web, text management, messaging and multimedia features.

1992 – The first ever inventory of software workers in Canada found a serious shortage – nearly 14,000 fewer than required, experts said.

1990 – Lotus Development Canada announced that its 1-2-3 product would now run on DEC VAX/VMS. A survey found that Amdahl led all other mainframe makers in “user appeal.”