Vancouver-based Infowave Software Inc. launched Friday Infowave Mobile Messaging, an “operating system and network agnostic” server-based wireless software solution.

Available now, the solution allows mobile users to access corporate e-mail and calendars using any Pocket PC or Palm handheld device, according to Infowave. The solution offers mobile access to Microsoft Exchange and enables users to send and receive e-mail and schedule appointments.

Infowave Mobile Messaging dispenses with the prospect of having to use proprietary solutions such as two-way pager technology, said Infowave spokesperson Bill Tam.

Tam added the product supports a wide range of handheld devices, including PDAs and integrated mobile phone/PDAs. “Infowave Mobile Messaging offers companies the opportunity to capitalize on the devices that employees have already purchased or plan to purchase,” Tam said in a prepared statement.

Users can create message filters, establish message priority, receive meeting requests and configure message truncation on their device, Infowave said, adding that users can also receive, open and modify attached files on their Pocket PC device and on Palm devices. As well, users can forward attachments to an Internet fax service for review. The solution also scales to a company’s requirements, according to Infowave, and supports multiple Microsoft Exchange servers.

A free 14-day trial is available for download from Infowave’s Web site at