Infowave Software Inc. has launched FirstHand that provides wireless access to Microsoft Exchange information from WAP (wireless application protocol) devices. According to Infowave FirstHand will allow users access no matter whether they’re using laptop, palmtop, or handheld computers, digital phones and pagers, or WAP-based devices. To use Firsthand mobile users simply point the phone’s microbrowser to a URL that represents their own corporate domain. Once authenticated and connected, the mobile user can view, edit, create and delete items just as if they were using Microsoft Outlook(R) on their desktop computer. FirstHand provides the ability to send and receive email, book calendar appointments, query and update contact records, and access tasks in real-time. Users have complete control over virtually all of their key Outlook applications and features. FirstHand is scheduled to ship in July 2000 with introductory pricing starts at US$60 a seat. It is also available as part of Infowave’s suite of products. Infowave of Vancouver can be reached at

Prices listed are in US currency.