iLogos Research, a Quebec-based online HR specialist, recently unveiled its “Perception vs. Reality: Jobseeker Behaviour Online” report. The survey details online jobseeker behaviour and their preferences and expectations regarding potential employers.

According to iLogos, it also puts to rest a common misconception that only the jobless surf the Web for employment. Based on the survey, 72 per cent of passive jobseekers visiting corporate Web site careers sections are employed, 21 per cent of whom are even “happily” employed. What’s more, the study found almost half of online jobseekers are experienced, employed professionals interested in using corporate career pages for researching and applying for positions via the Internet, according to iLogos.

The study also found that three times as many candidates come to the corporate Web site careers section from “word of mouth” and from a homepage/within-the-site link than from job boards. Overall, Internet job seekers are willing to devote the time and effort necessary to apply online. Ninety-two percent of candidates said they’re willing to spend more than six minutes applying to a job of high interest. Another 88 per cent are also willing to answer questions about skills in an online application, something corporations can use to arrive at a short-list of top candidates quickly and more effectively, says iLogos.