Windows 7 users calling on Microsoft to release a version of Internet Explorer 10 for the operating system finally got their wish yesterday.

Two years after the software maker introduced the browser, Microsoft released a Windows 7 version of IE10 on Tuesday. It was the first browser release by the company since it altered its upgrade policy in 2011 and began automatically installing its latest browser for the suitable version of Windows. Prior to this, Microsoft first sought the permission of users before upgrading IE.
Windows 7 users had a nearly two-year wait for IE10

Business can prevent the auto install of IE10 by deploying a blocking tool kit issued by Microsoft earlier in February or by using the standard update management tools, Windows Server update Service or Systems Management Server.


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IE10 supports Windows 8 and Windows 7. Windows Vista users will be stuck with IE9 just as Windows XP users are stuck with IE8. IE10 requires Windows 7 Service Pack 1 since Microsoft will end support for Windows 7 RTM in April.

Microsoft said it has enhanced the performance of IE and increased support for Web standards. The Do Not Track privacy setting on the browser is also switched on by default, despite much publicized objections by large advertisers such as Coca-Cola and Yahoo.

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