IBM is providing its clients to its researchers and business analysis consultants through a new initiative aimed at helping organization improve their understanding and interaction with their customers and personnel.

Big Blue’s Customer Experience Lab aims to help businesses navigate social media networks and employ mobile technologies to gather feedback from their target audience and the workforce, according to Mahmoud Naghshineh, VP of services research at IBM.

The new service is similar to IBM Services Lab which was introduced in 2011 to provide businesses with better ways of managing their IT infrastructure.


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This time, IBM will employ machine learning and visual analytics to help clients forecast variations in individual customers and help organizations develop more engaging and personalized methods of transactions, according to Naghshineh. The approach will also help businesses employ semantic as well as collaborative multimedia technologies in their processes.

More than 100 IBM researchers from around the world will take part in the lab to help clients identify technology useage patterns, analyze data and recommend changes.

The lab operates under the IBM Global Business Services Unit. It will use researchers from IBM’s 12 research labs around the world including the United States, China, Japan, India, Israel, Switzerland, Brazil and Africa.

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