IBM’s recently-announced Infoprint Color 130 is a digital printing solution designed for customers seeking a competitive advantage by building their variable content printing business. Infoprint Color 130 incorporates composition tools and a new press server that promises to enhance output quality. According to IBM, the printer can be used in corporate in-plant operations, direct mail houses, one-to-one marketing organizations and graphic design agencies, and can be configured to include a new version of QuarkXPress, providing higher throughput for variable content printing. The product can print full 475.1 millimetre image width on a 500 to 508 millimetre width web and has a resolution of 600 dpi, and a speed of up to 138 full-colour letter size impressions per minute. Pricing for Infoprint Color 130 ( is US$520,000. IBM in Boulder, Colo., can be reached at 1-800-358-6661.

Prices listed are in US currency.