IBM Corp. Tuesday will offer new software enhancements designed to help users better analyze their Web site performance, as well as their Web application and hardware bottlenecks.

IBM updated Tivoli Systems Inc. Web Services Manager 1.7, which handles transaction performance management of Web-based applications to show how visitor traffic affects Web site performance. The software will now analyze the transaction performance of enterprise applications as well, IBM said.

Tivoli’s Web Services Manager 1.7 now includes several WebSphere Performance Monitoring APIs, which capture and detail nearly 100 key performance measurements for Web sites. These include the number and duration of active transactions; the amount of free memory available in order to add more memory on demand; the scope of available databases; and information on how well visitors are connecting with a Web site.

IBM will also release a new version of its WebSphere Site Analyzer, which collects information on Web site visitor demographics, as well as their reaction to product descriptions and responses to market campaigns. The new version now features Web Tracker software that offers real-time reporting on how people navigate a Web site.

The updated packages, available Tuesday, support XML, Simple Object Access Protocol, Universal Description, Discovery and Integration, and Web Services Development Language standards.

Pricing for Web Services Manager 1.7 starts at US$12,400, while WebSphere Site Analyzer costs US$20,000.