Hummingbird eToolkit

Published: September 17th, 2000

Hummingbird Communications Ltd. has released the Hummingbird e-Toolkit (e-TK) Version 2.1, a set of host rejuvenation tools for software and Web developers. With Hummingbird e-TK, developers can enable e-business by providing customized browser-based access to the full functionality of existing host applications. Hummingbird e-TK includes G2G Builder (“Green to GUI”, which provides users with the ability to convert traditional green screens into graphical user interfaces), Applet Builder and Test & Deploy development tools. When used with either Hummingbird e-Gateway (a HTML-to-Host solution) or HostExplorer Web (a browser-based Web-to-Host solution), Hummingbird e-TK recognizes host screens and converts them to graphical user interfaces. The e-toolkit is priced at US$15,000 and includes all three (above) tools. For more information visit

Prices listed are in US currency.

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