After deliberating on when to release its new Compaq D315 Business PC in Canada, Hewlett-Packard (Canada) Ltd. announced Wednesday it is bringing the entry-level AMD Athlon XP processors to Canadian enterprise customers.

Starting at $1,329, the combination of HP, AMD, and NVIDIA in the Compaq D315 Business PC brings “high-end PC performance to mainstream and value-conscious business users,” according to HP Canada.

The Mississauga, Ont.-based company said the new PC includes the AMD Athlon XP processor, is Microsoft-certified and has been tested for compatibility with more than 60,000 business applications and 40 different operating systems.

While the offering was announced last month in the U.S., HP Canada had originally elected not to ship the product saying in a statement that it had “chosen to further evaluate the demand for an AMD-based business desktop in the Canadian marketplace.” [Please see HP puts Athlon in, but not in Canada.]

Available immediately, the new Compaq D315 Business PC offers an AMD Athlon XP 2200+ processor, integrated NVIDIA GeForce 2 graphics, 40GB hard drive (7200 rpm), 256MB double data rate (DDR) SyncDRAM memory, standard 48X CD-ROM, network interface card and six USB ports and Microsoft Windows XP Pro.

HP Canada is at http://www.hp.ca.


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