Hewlett-Packard (HP) Canada Ltd. recently launched the first component in its line of e-PCs. The e-Vectra, a corporate desktop computer that weighs a mere eight pounds and is designed to be capable of being mounted on a wall or even a counter. The e-Vectra will ship with the option of either an Intel Pentium III or Celeron processor; Windows 2000, Windows NT 4.0, or Windows 98; 3Com Fast Etherlink 10/100BASE-TX integrated LAN solution; two PS/2 and two USB ports; up to 256MB SDRAM; a Quantum 8.4GB Ultra ATA/66 hard disk drive; on-board audio; and the option of a CD-ROM drive. For security, the product has an external control system that sits on the back, which enables the product to be attached to a pod or a table. Several guarantees are also offered to customers, including a three-year, return-to-depot warranty. The hard disk drive, the power supply and the PC chassis can all be swapped swapped in and out. The e-Vectra also has a lifetime warranty for $150. As part of the lifetime warranty HP will replace the main unit accessories. The e-Vcetra has a starting price of $899 and will begin shipping in Canada in April, 2000. For more information, see HP Canada at http://www.hp.com.

Prices listed are in US currency.