How to starve the bandwidth hogs


GigaFin Networks of Cupertino, Calif. is shipping a software application for its SlimLine and FlowLine appliances that lets administrators throttle users’ connections.

IT managers can now view, control and block traffic to individual machines. It also lets administrators block unwanted applications. It can block or limit peer-to-peer applications, as well as specific traffic, such as BitTorrent.

GigaFin’s FlowLine appliance, which handles transfer rates of up to 2 Gigabits per second, is designed to prevent denial of service attacks and identity peer-to-peer traffic. The SlimLine 100, which also handles up to 2 Gbps of traffic, is designed to identify the workers that use the most bandwidth and improve the performance of critical applications.

The products use GigaFin’s Reloadable direct execution technology, which uses syntax-directed stream processing.


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