Do you need to upgrade your current computer, but you don’t want to spend money on expensive hardware?

Tech startup Paperspace, is offering people a “full computer you can access from any web browser.”

Paperspace, A Better Computer. from Paperspace on Vimeo.

Paperspace is offering IT professionals, designers, students and consumers a low-cost service that could be described as a fully-managed agentless virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution. It is somewhat similar to solutions like Amazon Workspaces, Citrix and VMware.

Paperspace VDI

The company is founded by Dillon Thompson Erb and Dan Kobran. The thought of creating a cloud-based computer came to them while they were developing applications for the architecture sector while studying at the University of Michigan. Their work required enormous computing power for simulations. That was when they focused on cloud computing.

In order to access the computing power that Paperspace offers, users need to purchase a small fob-sized device called the Paperweight. It serves as a zero client that connects the user’s own machine to Paperspace’s servers.

Paperspace says the service is suited for 3D CAD rendering, simulations and photo and video editing and transferring files. The company allows developers to work on multiple cloud-based machines or multiple operating systems. For now Paperspace is starting with Windows and Linux operating systemns but it has plans to expand the OS options further.