ManageEngine offers view for VDI


The ability to create virtual desktops ought to be an IT administrator’s dream. Unfortunately it involves some compromises, needs bandwidth and can have trouble handling big remote deployments.

To help give visibility into infrastructures using VMware’s Horizon View VDI solution an IT management solutions provider has added Horizon View monitoring to its suite.

ManageEngine said Wednesday that the capability is now available for Applications Manager, its application performance monitoring solution.

“One of the things that has been an inhibitor to mass deployment of VDI is there’s not a lot visibility into how these virtualize d desktops are running,” company president Raj Sabhlok said in an interview. “As a result many users complain about how performance issues and losing connections.”

Through Applications Manager, Horizon View monitoring gives administrators a view of system performance at the desktop. Some of the performance indicators tracked include indicators for the  connection broker, vCenter details, View pool, sessions, composer domain, and status of VMs.

Horizon View monitoring is available with the professional edition of Applications Manager version 11.9. Pricing starts at US$795 for up to 25 servers or applications monitored. Additional devices or apps monitors cost extra.

ManageEngine also announced VM Manager Plus, a free standalone monitor of VMware ESX, Micrsoft Hyper-V and XenServer hypervisors.

The free monitor, which gathers statistics on  is “primarily for SMEs who are embarking on virtualization  and need to manage their virtualized environments,” Sabhlok said.

It’s fully functional and monitors an unlimited number of hosts, virtual machines or datastores, showing idle, stale or underused VMs. However, users can only store two days worth of data. Those who want to do historical data analysis will have to buy the company’s OPManager suite.

OpManager starts at US$1,995 for 50 devices


  1. Also check out This company offers a free community version of its cloud based automation platform – free for 100 users and 100 devices. The professional version allows you to automate the creation, shutdown, taking snapshots of a Hyper-V environment via its codeless policy builder. Definitely worth taking a look.


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