How are you spending your time?

Workers in Canada’s small and medium-sized companies are clocking in earlier and punching out later these days, but it is not necessarily time well spent, according to a recent survey.

Xerox Canada and Environics Research Group polled 250 small and medium-sized business managers about the length of their work days.

The study revealed that 51 per cent of Canadian workers spend more than nine hours at work each day. However, 65 per cent are only productive for about half that time.

Compared with those working for large corporations, the study found that employees of small and medium businesses are more likely to put in longer hours, given the challenges of staffing and overhead.

Other survey findings included:

• Almost 70 per cent said they are most productive and do their best work in the morning;

• One-third reported their best ideas are still found in the office environment, collaborating with colleagues; and

• Nearly 40 per cent said money or higher profits would drive them to be more productive.