Slowly but surely, your hard drive is collecting cookies from all over the Web.

The Limit Software in East Chicago, Ind., has updated its cookie-detection and deletion tools, Cookie Crusher and CyberClean, to help users discover, control and crumble cookies.

Cookies are small text files that a Web server sends to and stores on a user’s PC. They can store log-in and password information for a Web site that requires a sign-on to enter. Or they could note usual destinations within a site, so the site can greet users with related material.

Cookie Crusher offers real-time security, blocking unknown cookies and allowing those a user wants, based on the preferences set. CyberClean clears unwanted cookies, cache files, bookmarks, and history lists from multiple browsers, by clicking one button.

With CyberClean, end users select the types of files you want removed, then click a button to delete them. Users can let Cookie Crusher run in their taskbar and it will identify and block cookies as they browse.

CyberClean (, priced at US$10.95, has an improved cache-clearing capability that supports the most recent versions of Internet Explorer. Cookie Crusher, US$15, now lets users treat cookies differently from a single Web site. For example, users can choose to accept a bank’s personalization cookie but reject an advertisement.