Hashtag Trending – Few Canadian tech CEOs are women, early iPhone X release

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A new report says that just five per cent of Canadian tech companies have women CEOs, Apple says that the iPhone X release was originally planned for 2018, and Microsoft is doing backflips in order to find ways to stick a 3.5 mm headphone jack into less than 3.5 mm of space.

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From Facebook – A new study co-authored by PwC, the MaRS Discovery district, and non-profit MoveTheDial, is making the rounds stating that just five per cent of Canadian technology company CEOs are women. This figure is based on the research and analysis of more than 900 companies, and also showed that women make up just 13 per cent of the average Canadian tech company’s executive team, while a whole 53 per cent do not have any female executives at all. This report continues to show that the Canadian tech industry continues to lag further and further behind other industries in Canada when it comes to diversity. According to another gender diversity report, women comprised 23 per cent of directors in the utilities and pipelines industry, and 16 per cent in financial services, compared to the just nine per cent in technology. Looks like the Canadian tech industry still has a lot more work to do.

From Reddit – If you thought it was odd that Apple released two versions of the iPhone this year, then you aren’t the only one. In a moment of transparency in an interview with Mashable, Dan Riccio, the senior vice president of hardware engineering at Apple, said that the company had originally intended to release the iPhone X in 2018, and only got it out this year “with a lot of hard work, talent, grit, and determination”. Due to the compressed timeline of releasing the phone this year, Riccio said that it left no room to second guess design decisions, and that Apple never spent any time thinking about putting a fingerprint sensor back on the device. Considering the bezel-less trend on the other 2017 flagship devices, it looks like Apple made the right move.

And from Reddit once more – Microsoft is determined to keep the 3.5 mm headphone jack right where it by fitting it into less than 3.5 mm of space. You might be wondering how exactly that is physically possible, but according to new Microsoft patents, this can be done by aligning the receiver and transmitting pins on just one side of the jack, while keeping it snug with an expandable membrane that retracts when not in use. With everyone trying to create the thinnest possible device without sacrificing too many features, don’t be shocked to see this on a future Surface device in the future.

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