Trouble at Apple, the beta release of Android O, and your chance to meet Mario. It’s all the tech news that’s popular right now. Welcome to Hashtag Trending. It’s Thursday, June 8.

On Reddit, a concerning story for Apple users. Chinese authorities have detained 22 people for selling Apple user data to the black market. Twenty of those people were either employees of Apple itself, or a close partner that helps with domestic direct sales and outsourcing. The suspects are accused of using internal systems to collect names, phone numbers, Apple IDs, and other data, and selling it for $7.3 million.

From Google News, the next version of Android is a bit closer to release. Google’s smartphone OS will be pushing out Developer Preview 3 of Android O to those enrolled in the Android Beta Program. Among the new features in what will be Android 8 at consumer release: notification channels to let users more easily manage their notifications, and picture-in-picture to keep your app on screen during multitasking.

Finally, if you’ve ever wanted to visit Mario’s Mushroom Kingdom, you’ll be able to do so in 2020. All it takes is a trip to Universal Studios Japan, where construction of Super Nintendo World is underway. A new video that debuted this week: we see a CGI of rendering of a 3D Mario greeting visitors to the park. Seen in the rendering are a giant menacing castle with Bowser’s head and a big Toad house as well.

That’s what’s trending today. Thanks for listening. I’m Brian Jackson.