Managing an IT department and providing services throughout the organization has its moments. One of my employees comes into my office complaining about a user that he is supporting. This user is abusive and not does not want to co-operate in resolving the problem at hand. To make the situation a little more complex the user is 350km from our office.

The problem at hand is that nothing is being printed on the labels. I tell my employee to call back the user and tell the user to send us a sample of the labels. In the meantime I place a call to the plant manager explaining the situation and the steps we are taking to resolve the problem. I asked the plant manager to speak with his employees about this situation hoping that his employees would be a little more co-operative and less abusive.

The following day we receive the labels from the plant. After close examination we determined that the user did not setup the labels properly for printing. I called the plant manager and told him the following: When installing grass sod: Green side is up, the same goes for labels. He apologized for his staff and we all lived happily after.

Walter Pereyma, Laval, Quebec