A Calgary-based global positioning system (GPS) equipment manufacturer has been awarded two new technology patents.

Hemisphere GPS Inc.’s first patent involves a Method and System for Synchronizing Multiple Tracking Devices. It enables, the company said, a more robust and cost effective heading by using a single processor to compute headings from multiple GPS receivers.

The second patent is the company’s Attitude Determination Exploiting Geometry Constraints patent. Hemisphere said it increases the speed and reliability of Real-Time Kinematic (RTK) solutions for multiple antennas at known distances from each other, meaning the entire system can be moving or stationary while computing the RTK solutions. RTK satellite navigation is a technique used in land survey based on the use of carrier phase measurements of GPS signals.

The company, which was originally known as CSI Wireless, said its customers are already benefiting from the patents, which have been built into its GPS products.