If you’re looking for data storage with a design flair that’s a bit unusual, you might want to check out the new offerings from Danish company Googie Insiders. The company has introduced the aptly named Sandwich and Clamshell external hard drives, both of which support the Mac.

The Sandwich is a rectilinear drive with no internal fan and capacities ranging from 80GB to 120GB. The system uses the ubiquitous Oxford 911 bridge chipset to manage data transfer on the FireWire interface, and features drive mechanisms that work at 7200RPM. Externally powered, the Sandwich units ship with cables and sport twin FireWire interfaces on their backplanes to support easy daisy chaining. Googie notes that the Sandwich will ship in the next few days.

The Clamshell, meanwhile, is an ovoid contraption billed as “the smallest and lightest 3