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Hashtag Trending May 11- Google makes more AI announcements; IBM disses other AI offerings as “inaccurate”; Could we see the death of the standard...

Google goes full force with AI announcements, IBM comes out swinging and disses other AI offering as inaccurate and presenting its offerings as more...

Are consumer drives more reliable than enterprise-grade devices?

The assumption that enterprise hard drives are better than consumer hard drives was put to a test

iPhone, iPad users get extra 2TB storage from LaCie

LaCie fuel lets users go from 20 movies in a 32GB iPad to 1,000 movies on the Fuel

Panasonic, Sony announce 300 GB optical disk

The new Archival Disc developed by Sony and Panasonic can store data for up to 50 years

Western Digital releases dual drive for laptops

IT managers have had to make tough storage choices when fitting out laptops for staff: Solid state hard drives for speed needed for the...

AMD spinning drives give way to WhipTail

AMD achieves 40 per cent increase in performance with Whiptail's solid state arraysrn

Hitachi unveils 500GB, razor-thin laptop hard drive

The company's new Hitachi Travelstar drive squeezes almost 100Gbit per square inch more onto its drive platters. Find out more

Tech in 2 Minutes: Verbatim’s external hard drive lineup

Video: A 2-minute look at the company's fall 2010 external hard drive lineup

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