Its not just teenagers who have embroiled themselves in the text messaging phenomenon but also big businesses which now use the service as an important part of daily communications, according to the Mobile Data Association.

The group’s study revealed around 60 per cent of UK businesses are using text messaging on a daily basis and a massive 80 per cent said they would use text messaging instead of email if they were away from their PCs. But surprisingly 15 per cent would actually opt to use it instead of email whether they were at their desks or not.

But it doesn’t just stop there. Businesses are planning to use text messaging for marketing and promotional services, with 65 per cent of businesses seeing it as potential outlet for communication with customers.

“The survey demonstrates that businesses understand text messages can play vital role in the working practices of any organisation and should not be ignored as a useful business tool,” Mike Short, chairman of the association, told the BBC.

In October of this year a massive 356 million SMSs were sent in the UK, an increase on September’s figure of over 15 million, with figures for the festive period likely to reach around 500 million.

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