Most IT management staffs “are a kludge of unstructured hirings, promotions and compromises,” said Jonathan Poe, an analyst at Meta Group Inc. Therefore, new CIOs who want to succeed past their honeymoon period will need to clean up the mess and install a team of talented IT lieutenants to handle certain tasks, such as personnel matters, so the CIO can focus on IT/business alignment.

Poe said the new IT organizational chart will have four lieutenants:

    The organizational development leader, a “change agent” who’s in charge of constantly updating the IT department’s mission, vision and values.The IT human resources manager, who handles recruiting, “reskilling,” promotions, performance evaluations, compensation analyses and employee satisfaction.The IT financial controller, who deals with budgets and depreciation, manages portfolios and risk, and measures ROI and total cost of ownership.The IT communications director, who makes sure the IT shop sends clear and consistent messages, from marketing materials to status reports

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