Extricom ships 802.11n wireless LAN hardware


Extricom Inc. of Tel Aviv has announced six wireless products compliant with Draft 2.0 of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers 802.11n standard.

The product family, which operates on both the 2.4 GHz and 5GHz bands, includes two wireless local-area network access points, three switches and an antenna bar.

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The EXRP-40En access point has four radios, which can be operated in any combination of channels and bans. The EXRP-30n is a three radio access point.

The final version of the 802.11n standard has yet to be ratified by the IEEE but Extricom claims the EXSW-12000 and EXSW-24000 wireless LAN switches can support 802.11n access points with firmware upgrades. The EXAN-10 antenna bar can combine up to 12 antennas in one assembly, with one cable connecting to the bar. Users can install the devices with 802.3ar power over Ethernet equipment.


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