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Mobile Internet use on the rise: IDC

A market research firm predicts one in three people will have regular access to the Internet by 2012, and mobile use will overtake PC use. By that time, US$12.4 billion will change hands among businesses using the Web.

ABI rates wireless vendors

Meru Networks gets special mention for making 802.11n gear that resists interference, while Aruba helps prevent choke points. Find out how Motorola did

Route faxes using bar codes

FACSys 5.1 from emFAST is designed to send incoming faxes to the correct recipients through barcode recognition. It targets companies concerned that a confidential fax could end up in the wrong hands.

MTS Allstream expands security offerings

Through a portal made by SecureWorks, the carrier

Ceragon announces wireless Ethernet gear

The FibeAir IP-10 includes an integrated Ethernet switch and stackable radios. It is intended for carrier who want to migrate legacy wireless networks to IP

Extricom ships 802.11n wireless LAN hardware

The product family includes two wireless access points and a bar that can accommodate up to 12 antennas. Extricom says the switches only need firmware upgrade to support 802.11n

Large uptake in smart phones predicted

In a report on mobile phone operating systems, ABI Research says Windows Mobile and open source platforms will challenge the established players. Find out where mobile users get their videos.

Secure Computing soups up spam filter

SecureMail is designed to block spam and encrypt sensitive messages. The vendor claims its false positive rate is one in a million.

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